Sabrina’s Story

My husband and I both had 9 to 5 jobs, and we enjoyed coming home and cooking dinner together, then working out and watching a television show before bed. On the weekends, we went out with other couples and enjoyed life. Gradually though, I began to wonder if something was going on.

He spent more time at the office and skipped dinner and our workout. He came home smelling like another woman’s perfume – or he had freshly showered and said he was fitting in a workout before he came home. He didn’t like me to see his phone or know who he was talking to whenever his phone went off in the evenings.

I was falling apart. I was scared my marriage was ending. I didn’t know why, and I wanted to know the truth. I started doing searches online, and I happened to see the page for Bond Investigations, a business that offers private investigator services. They said they take pride in making sure clients find the truth that they seek. That was perfect, so I called and had a brief discussion with an investigator about the way things work and how a PI might be able to help me.

The staff from Bond Investigations spent eight months on my case. They were very thorough. They communicated with me and kept me up to date. Finally, they provided me with a full report.

I was very unhappy to learn that my husband and his secretary were involved in a romantic relationship. However, Bond Investigations showed me the truth and helped me discover that my husband was planning to leave and had evidence of the assets he was trying to hide so I wouldn’t get my share of our wedded property.

My divorce was not pretty. However, with the evidence that I got from Bond Investigations, I was able to get my share of the marital property, keep the condo we bought while married (he had a house he bought for his mistress), and land on my feet after such a huge betrayal tore my life apart.

When it comes to private investigator services, I was not sure what to expect. However, I got what I paid for with Bond Investigations, and I would recommend them to anyone who is in a situation like mine and needs a private investigator.

When you get married, you expect it to be for life. We had big plans for our future, but it all went up in smoke. I am so glad we didn’t have children, so they didn’t have to go through a divorce or deal with a split family. I am also glad I went with my instincts and hired a professional private investigations firm like Bond Investigations. They helped me discover the truth on my terms and made sure I was protected during the divorce proceedings with evidence that was admissible in court. My life would be far different today if it weren’t for them.