Michelle’s Story


I love San Jose, but I was ready to move away. My home was a constant target of vandalism. It started with my garden gnomes and progressed to damage to my garage door and the exterior of my home. I was frustrated, and when I installed security cameras I couldn’t catch a glimpse of the perpetrators.

My health declined and my stress levels were through the roof. I kept missing work, and I did not feel safe in my own home. The police tried to help, but they increased patrols in my neighborhood and never saw anyone. No one was sure how they could be so good at avoiding cameras, but they were. They kept damaging my property and making me scared and stressed. There were no easy answers. People told me to get a dog, but I am allergic and not good with animals. That would only have made things worse, not better. I needed a way to resolve this, or I needed to consider other options.

I was ready to give up and move, but I was afraid whoever was damaging my home would keep doing it no matter where I moved. Then, they vandalized my car and I was in a car accident that could have killed me. I needed help. A friend recommended Bond Investigations. Their San Jose PI services included working on vandalism cases, and they offered to help me find out who was targeting me. I had tried everything else, and it was worth the money to see if they could help. The best part was, during my consultation with the staff at Bond Investigations, I felt that my decision to hire a private investigator in San Jose was definitely the best decision.

For a San Jose private investigator, the staff at Bond Investigations are top-notch. They went to work on my case immediately. In two weeks, they had better results than anything else I had tried. In a month and a half, they had enough evidence to charge the people responsible. When the truth came out, I was amazed. It was the significant other of one of my exes, working with friends and hiring people to drive me crazy. I never would have figured it out without the help of a San Jose private investigator. I recommend Bond Investigations for any case. I have heard what they can do when it comes to infidelity, child custody and even elder abuse cases. I have seen their respectful attitude and their determination to help out their clients.

I may have lost hope at one point, but once I hired Bond Investigations, I started to get it back. Then, when they started collecting evidence and finding answers, I started to feel good enough to take my life back. I managed to keep my job, and I even got promoted. Once the whole situation was resolved, I found a way to be happy again. Thank you, Bond Investigations. My life wouldn’t be the same today if you hadn’t helped me find answers.