Alimony Investigations

Professional Alimony Investigation San Jose

Are you weighed down making alimony payments to a former spouse or partner? Do you feel you need help to get alimony reduced? Our alimony investigations in San Jose can take away the burden by obtaining proof which your lawyer can use to petition reduction or termination of alimony. Whether you have gone through a heart-wrenching separation or a long-drawn divorce battle, our private detectives in San Jose can ease the burden that comes with supporting a former spouse or partner.

Take Control of Alimony Payments

Do you really know where your alimony payments is going? That’s not something people often think about until they find themselves in dire financial situations. We are of the opinion that spousal support payments should not go towards supporting ex-spouses who are co-habiting. If you suspect that your ex-spouse is taking advantage of you, call us and we shall assign a private investigator in San Jose to take up your case. Our private detective will determine whether your former spouse is living with someone else or hiding secrets that could justify reduction or termination of alimony. We’re ready to carry out conclusive alimony investigation San Jose to “prove change of circumstance” so that the court in San Jose can effectually reduce or terminate alimony.

Need Alimony Reduced or Terminated- Obtain Proof of Co-habitation

Alimony payments are not indefinite or incontestable. As a spouse, you can petition for a reduction or termination of alimony if you find that your former-spouse or partner co-habiting. Our private alimony investigator in San Jose can assist you to obtain evidence that your lawyer can use to file a petition for reduction or revocation of alimony. Why not give us a call? We shall assign you a qualified private investigator to establish the following about the subject:
• Existence of a common residence
• shared financial accounts
• long-term intimate involvement to prove cohabitation
• Compilation of a lifestyle profile of the ex-spouse

Top Alimony Investigators in San Jose

99% of the times, obtaining a favorable ruling in an alimony case boils down to which private investigator in San Jose you choose to work with. Bond Investigations prides itself in having experienced and results-driven alimony investigators in San Jose. Our private detectives have real world experience carrying out alimony investigation San Jose as well as deep insight that have enabled them to win cases back-to-back for nearly 10 years.

When you hire us for alimony investigation San Jose, you won’t just be hiring experts who are well-grounded on various aspects of investigations but detectives who deliver results that make clients happy. Our private investigators are well-trained to handle alimony discreetly and professionally. No matter how weighed down you feel, you can entrust us your case because always walk the 8 mil with our clients!

Fast Track Alimony Investigation San Jose

Don’t shoulder the burden of paying alimony payments longer than it’s necessary. Call (408)-618-5077 to speak to one of our alimony investigators and find out how we can assist you to obtain evidence that will guarantee either a reduction or termination of alimony.