spousal cheatingVery few people (if any) enjoy finding out their spouse is cheating on them. Sadly, infidelity is a problem that damages and even destroys marriages year after year – including the state of California. If you believe that your marriage vows have been breached by infidelity, here is how a private investigator in San Jose can help.

Identifying the Signs of Infidelity

This may be your first time dealing with a potentially unfaithful spouse. Fortunately, these types of investigations are common cases for private investigators in San Jose. Your private investigator will more than likely start the process by targeting common signs or signals of infidelity, such as:

  • Hidden Phones & Secret Calls: Does your spouse hide his or her phone from you or strive to be secretive when answering calls or responding to text messages?
  • Unexpected Visitors: Have you noticed a recent increase in unexpected visits from a certain person perhaps when you are not home?
  • Suspicious Online Behavior: Does your spouse frequently clear his or her browser history? Have you noticed any suspicious emails from unknown men or women pop up in their inbox? Are they adamant about keeping you away from their computers and/or mobile devices?
  • Appearance Changes: Have you noticed that your spouse changed his or her way of dressing? Perhaps he or she dresses up on a certain days “for no reason” even though they never did before.
  • Enhanced Awareness of Personal Hygiene: Has your spouse started using cologne/perfume all of a sudden? If he or she showers immediately after arriving home and does not have a job that gets them dirty and/or sweaty, this may also be a sign to consider.

The Value of a Third-Party Perspective

In addition to helping you identify common signs of infidelity, a private investigator can offer an effective third-party perspective. It can be nearly impossible for you to clearly see the situation simply because you are too attached to it. You may suspect infidelity even when your spouse is 100% faithful.

On the contrary, you might be 100% sure that your spouse is faithful even though they are hiding an affair from you. A private investigator provides you with the knowledge and insight of a third-party expert to help you distinguish between fact and fiction.

Confirm the History of the Infidelity

You may already know that your spouse is unfaithful. He or she may have even admitted to their infidelity perhaps after getting caught in a compromising situation. However, did they reveal everything or just what was convenient? For instance, your spouse may have told you that it was a one-night stand when it actually lasted much longer than a single occurrence.

According to Statistic Brain, the average length of an affair is 2 years. This does not necessarily mean that your spouse is guilty of a 2-year affair but investing in a private investigator in San Jose allows you to find out just how long it did last. At the very least, you will be able to confirm that what your spouse has already revealed to you is the entire truth.