infidelity investigatorThere’s an epidemic of infidelity in the United States.  Almost half of all marriages end in divorce and a cheating spouse is often the cause.  Private investigators share their top tips for catching a cheater in the act.

Just Follow the Paper Trail

Anyone who specializes in infidelity investigations is a master of completing the first step of this process, follow the paper trail.  Even the most discreet of unfaithful spouses can still make a mistake along the way.  When that happens, they almost always leave a paper trail. Purchase confirmations, sales receipts, or bank transactions can lead a private investigator in the right direction from the very start.

Cameras Are Absolute Goldmines

One of the biggest secrets is the underestimated value of cameras. Digital cameras and video cameras are two of the “secret weapons” found in most equipment collections of experienced private investigators. Describing acts and incidents with words and detailed descriptions is effective. However, photographs and video footage can speak for you.  Thus removing the need to use any words at all.  All you’ll need to say is “Look at this.”

The Power of a Phone Record

Many people seem to underestimate the true power of a detailed phone record. When trying to catch an unfaithful spouse or alleged cheater in the act, a licensed private investigator who specializes in infidelity cases will more than likely request copies of recent phone records. Between phone calls and text messages, the alleged cheater may have already told on themselves depending on the frequency, length and overall timing of calls made to potential suspects.

Taking the time to study interesting call patterns may reveal a lot more than the average consumer realizes – especially if they do not make a habit of regularly checking their own phone records each month. Trained investigators know exactly where to look and what to look for within phone records and corresponding transcripts.

Focus on the Workplace for Suspects

One study shows that nearly 60% of affairs begin in the workplace, according to Health Research Funding. As a result, many investigators begin their research at a suspect’s place of employment.  While affairs can certainly begin elsewhere, the office is usually the best place to start.  Statistics show that the infidelity investigator has a better chance of solving the case when this occurs.  Co-workers gossip, so it’s often quite easy to get them to reveal a cheater’s coming and goings.

Check Witness Statements and Apply Pressure

Like a standard pipe, adding enough pressure to a key witness will make him or her burst over time. The key is to make sure that you have identified the proper person as a key witness. Often, cheaters ask siblings or friends to help them hide infidelity.  A trained investigator knows when it’s time to turn up the heat.  A few well pointed questions can often break a witness.  Once you have their cooperation, you’ll have all the evidence needed.