background investigationA simple background check during the hiring process may seem acceptable to most employers. However, investing in a professional background investigation by a licensed private investigator will benefit your employees, management team and overall organization.

Decrease Your Employee Turnover Rate

A high-quality background investigation will effectively prevent unqualified candidates from making the cut. Think about the amount of time and money invested in each new hire.  During the training period it’s especially tough, as they are paid more for attendance than productivity.  Having a background investigation completed before allowing candidates to advance will improve the quality and efficiency of your hiring process.  Secondly, it can also drastically reduce your employee turnover rate.

Discover Undetected Red Flags

A solid resume and successful interview can essentially blind a manager during the hiring process. Frequently, managers make job offers before conducting a simple background check on the applicant. Investing in a professional background investigation by a licensed private investigator prevents anything from slipping through the cracks.  Thus, employers can ensure that the quality of their new hires exceeds the printed pages of their resumes. The shocking histories and lifestyle choices revealed in background checks, criminal history checks, sex offender searches, credit checks and even drug tests can allow employers to do just that.

Maintain Fairness of Employment Practices

The number of discrimination charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has steadily increased in recent years. Between 2013 and 2016, the number of total charges went from 88,778 cases to 91,503 cases reported. To reduce the chances of being targeted with discrimination claims and lawsuits, the key is to maintain fairness in all employment practices.  A general rule of thumb is that what you do with one, you must do with all candidates, new hires and existing employees. There are some cases in which a simple background check will suffice. However, a simple search may only scratch the surface of the candidate’s turbulent history.  By investing in professional background investigations for all candidates, you will ensure the quality results of your hiring process.  Additionally, this keeps things fair and consistent for all prospective employees.

Protect Your Employees from Potential Threats

Many people don’t realize that the primary value of professional background investigations comes in the form of security. It’s not just about being careful about who you add to your list of employees. Background checks are also about taking care of the people who are already on that list.  It’s important to keep your employees safe and secure from internal and external threats.

Hiring someone with an extensive criminal record, or a registered sex offender can create major risks for any company. It’s a top priority to protect your company from this type of liability.  Most importantly, you can protect the people who make your business successful.